Look at any inspired painting.
It's like a gong sounding;
it puts you in a state of reverberation.
- Philip Guston

These recent paintings are the first extensive body of work done solely in acrylic. Their small scale follows from feelings akin to tipping one’s toe into new, uncharted waters. The paintings will grow in size as experience sets in.

The repeated themes are somewhat like visual “comfort food” in that they are simple and manageable and enjoyable, while simultaneously allowing for improvisatory exploration. Home is obviously the central theme, yet it has many meanings and conjures up a multitude of emotions. The ladder has appeared often in my work and clichés aside, it has a powerful hieroglyphic presence. The darkish cloud may be uncertainty; the arrival of something unexpected. Figures are reduced to near-shadows to avoid type-casting. Often, they bring a message perhaps, or a warning, or who knows what.


MFA in Painting, 1983, University of Cincinnati Graduate School of Fine Arts, Cincinnati, OH
BFA in Painting, 1977, Washington University School of Fine Arts, St. Louis, MO

Selected Exhibitions

2009 SOS Art, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
2005 Ideas Into Objects, Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2001 Cartographic Exhaustion/Solo Exhibition, Weston Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2001 Feed the Body/Feed the Soul, Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton, OH
1994 Solo Exhibition, InSitu, Cincinnati, OH
1993 Cincinnati Artists: Works on Paper, Kharkiv art Museum, Kharkiv, Ukraine
1993 Drawings Coast to Coast, Rockville Arts Place, Rockville, MD
1992 Faculty Show, University of Cincinnati Tangemann Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
1991 New Acquisitions of Prints, Drawings and Photographs, Cincinnati Art Museum
1987 Blood Ties and Other Knotty Issues, Diverse Works Gallery, Houston, TX


1991 Cincinnati Arts Allocation Grant
1989 Summer Research Travel Grant to Europe from the University of Cincinnati
1986 May Residency, Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz, NY


Cincinnati Art Museum
Dayton Art Institute
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
University of Cincinnati
University of Michigan Art Museum